Dangerous History

Dangerous History is a talk show featuring interviews with History of Architecture, History of Art, History of Science, and other humanities’ PhD students at MIT and beyond.* Who are they? What makes them tick? Why are they spending six to eight years getting a doctoral degree? Each week a theme will guide Dariel and her guest into the psychic depths of the PhD experience, examining the process of becoming a scholar, and highlighting the questions that drive students to the archives in search of answers. Since the writing of history is always a reflection of the present moment, this program will also explore the ramifications of historical questions for today. New understandings of the past influence political action in the present. Tune in and be inspired.

Originally airing on WAWD? Radio, Dangerous History was also broadcast on WMBR, 88.1FM in the Boston/Cambridge area during the Summer, 2020 season. It continues to stream from WAWD? Radio every other Wednesday at 4pm Eastern Time.

  • Intro Music: Jain, “Makeba,” Hope, Columbia Records, 2015
  • Outro Music: Angélique Kidjo, “Born Under Punches,” Remain in Light, Kravenworks, 2018

Episodes on WMBR

October 1, 2020: Michael Kubo on all things Late

August 20, 2020: Ana María León on Decentering

August 6, 2020: Michael Faciejew on Knowing

Episodes on WAWD? Radio

May 13, 2020: Caroline Murphy on Infrastructure.

May 6, 2020: Iheb Guermazi on Irrationality.

April 15, 2020: Nicholas Stoutt interviews Dariel.