Since discovering MIT’s radio station, WMBR, I have been passionate about broadcasting. I’ve developed three different radio shows—two music shows and a talk show: Dangerous History, Songs for Tomorrow, and Dangerous Things.

Dangerous History

Dangerous History is a talk show featuring interviews with History of Architecture, History of Art, History of Science, and other humanities’ PhD students at MIT and beyond. Who are they? What makes them tick? Why are they spending six to eight years getting a doctoral degree? Each week a theme will guide Dariel and her guest into the psychic depths of the PhD experience, examining the process of becoming a scholar, and highlighting the questions that drive students to the archives in search of answers. Since the writing of history is always a reflection of the present moment, this program will also explore the ramifications of historical questions for today. New understandings of the past influence political action in the present. Tune in and be inspired.

Songs for Tomorrow

Songs for Tomorrow functions as aural therapy; a radio show that combines rage and tranquility, hope and sorrow, in honor and recognition of our collective experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Airing on WAWD? Radio, an internet broadcast station created by graduate students in MIT’s Department of Architecture, this show is an expression of solidarity with a school displaced together.

Dangerous Things

Dangerous Things is a music program that celebrates the voices of women performers. Curl up with your rage or fight with your joy as we fill our heads with the sounds of earthy divas, electric nymphs, amazon warriors and other femme fatales from across genres and around the world. With a title borrowed from linguist George Lakoff’s Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things, this show celebrates the power of the female-identified voice. (Please note that these shows may contain explicit lyrics.)